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Our Testimonials

We asked some of our tenants (past and present) what they thought of us. This is what they said!

 Thank you for the past two years Mary you have been a very understanding and accommodating landlord if there's anything I can do let me know!

Best wishes

James Doyle, England

 Dear Mary,

Thank you very much for the fast help, we are now using the hot water and heating perfect again.
Regards, Daniel

I guess I can speak for all of us that it was pleasure to stay here in this house and also here in Wrexham.
Best regards

Daniel - Germany


 Hello Mary,

Thank YOU for being so kind, efficient and So helpful to us. I sure will contact you if we come to Wrexham to visit the students and in the future for other students.
Cheers for everything,
Kind regards,
French university professor
today is my last day in my clinical attachment and i am sending to you this email to thank you so so much for your warm welcoming and also the hospitality ,Wrexham is really beautiful city and people are so nice  and i wish to come back soon , i was happy to stay in your beautiful and clean properties and it will be my first choice always in wrexham ,  i really so much appreciated everything and i am so great full .
i wish you all the best in your life and always to be success 
best regards 
Abdulfatah Ahmed 

I enjoyed my stay in Wrexham, and I would do it again and again

Andreas, Germany


"I have been living a rental room of Mary about one year. I had many anxiety, before I move there. Because, we do not have custom to live a same house with another people in Japan. However, Mary explained a detail it, after that my anxiety was solved by her. I was student in wrexham, also I am working my job via computer, so it is very important to use computer and internet. When I moved to room, my computer was broken. I was depressed, because I asked some computer shops in town, they could not accept it. Also I asked everyone of around me, they do not know the repair shops. After that I sent a mobile-email to Mary about a different topic. However, Mary realized and gave me a repair shop information. So, if you need a rental room, I recommend Mary's rental room. It is very important landlord or landlady always can help us or not. Mary always can help and solve everything for us, as soon as possible."

Yoshimi, Japan


"It was my first time away from home ,and my English was poor. I was very nervous. I was met at the house by a very nice lady, my room was nice. She explained everything  to me, and said to call if I had any problems. I did not need to worry."

Sabine – Toulouse, France


"I have been living with Mary as a landlady for the past 3 years, while I’ve been studying . I would recommend Mary as a landlady due to she has a great personality, warm and welcoming, as well as her houses are well maintained and perfect for when you are starting university for the first time away from home or as a mature student. I have lived in two of Mary’s houses during the 3 years, and she has been approachable and willing to help where needed, if a problem arose. The houses are spacious and I can guarantee, you will not be disappointed. Living in shared houses, are a great life experience and the relationships developed will last a lifetime, including the relationship with Mary."

Ali - Aberystwyth, Wales


"I stayed in the same room for three years. The house was very good. If anything went wrong, the builder came round and fixed it."

Sarah – South Wales


"Our previous landlords in Wrexham were very slow to fix problems, almost always tried to fix it themselves, and did so poorly – they were also extremely impolite and very intrusive, letting themselves in whenever they felt like it. Finding Mary for our accommodation in our third year was a life saver, and I know that had we dealt with our previous landlords any longer our work at university would have suffered heavily. They’re the most professional landlords that I’ve ever come across, and the one time we had a problem we had a contracted service man round to fix it within a couple of hours. They always provided full notice before turning up, and when they did it was only because there was a specific reason for doing so. I would recommend Mary at Jeff Holden Properties to anyone – if you’re looking for professional and extremely friendly landlords, you’ve found them."

Ben - Essex


"Mary is very helpful, friendly and accommodating not just as a landlady but as a person as well. She will try her best to make your stay at her houses as pleasant and comfortable as possible."

Daniel – Kuala Lumpar


"I didn’t know I was going to Glyndwr until the last minute, just before the term started. Mary had one room available and sorted everything out for me. Even though it was the last room, it was lovely. Because I made the decision to come to Glyndwr late, my student loan took a while to come through. They were very understanding about this."

John – Lancashire


"I have been a tenant of Mary’s for four years, through university and a year after my course ended. There are many student landlords in Wrexham, and I believe it would be very hard to find one as hard working, thoughtful and understanding. The houses are kept in really good condition and any problems are sorted out really quickly. Knowing you have a nice home to live makes the stresses of university life a lot easier."

Paul  - Norfolk


"Going abroad is always stressful at the beginning but highly rewarded at the end, one of key facts is finding the right accommodation. The time that I have spent in Wales has been great, the house is exactly what I needed a quiet place, nice, well cared with friendly flatmates in a quiet neighbourhood. I am glad to have the opportunity to come to UK and get to know the history, culture and landscape, a great place that has many things to offer."

Paula, Chile


"They were like a good neighbour – they left you alone, but you knew they were there if you needed them."

Stephanie – Oldham, Lancashire


"My son, Klaus, went to Wrexham. He said he would telephone me when he arrived. After three days without hearing from him, I was very concerned, and rang Mary at Jeff Holden Properties. She was able to re-assure me that he was OK. She had seen him earlier that day, and she said she would ensure that he called me. He called less than an hour later.It seems she had told him very sternly to call your mother now"

Frau Helga Muller – Koblenz, Germany


"I didn’t clean my room for ages. Then Mary came round, and my door was open. It was minging so she could have gone to town on me. She asked me, very politely, to clean it and said that she would come back in a week to check. She did come back. The thing is that they treat you properly, speak to you as equals, and if you don’t let them down, they trust you."

Brendan – Republic of Ireland


"One thing happened that sums them up perfectly. The toilet blocked, and it was Boxing Day (26th December). I thought it would take ages to fix it, but after I spoke to Mary (she always answers the phone), it was fixed in less than two hours."

Maria - Somerset


"Thank you for the lovely time in Wrexham Mary and that you were always there for us when we needed you !"

Roland Kraus- Germany


"I would like to offer my sincere thanks to you for everything you have done for me during my tenancy with you (over 5 years !) , you have provided a wonderful service and have been a most considerate Landlady."

Jay Yates - England